With Citrition, LLC clients have access to individual counseling as well as group lectures.

Individual Counseling

With Citrition, LLC, your child will discover how food affects his/her body. Your child will improve his/her eating habits, increase physical activity and improve body image. Your child will NOT be given a diet or specific rules about foods he/she can and cannot eat. Your child will be able to enjoy food so he/she has a positive attitude about eating. With Citrition, LLC your child will develop strategies that he/she can feel good about and that fit with your child’s life.

Receive a specialized plan whether you have a corporate job, travel frequently, stay at home to take care of your children or have simply tried every diet without success. You will be given a specialized plan whether you want to lose weight or just feel better. Lose the freshman fifteen, those extra few pounds before the wedding, the rest of your pregnancy weight or those pounds that snuck up over the last few years. Whether you cook all the time, or you have more take-out menus than there are days in the year, learn to make healthy choices while still enjoying the foods you love. Learn what works best for you based on your lifestyle and routine.

Group Lectures
Whether you are a corporation, non-profit organization, hospital or university, with Citrition, you will receive an individualized lecture or class based on your needs. Talks will be tailored for the needs of your organization, but can include topics such as:

  • Managing food cravings while simultaneously increasing metabolism
  • The secret to losing the pregnancy weight: it’s not what you think
  • Healthy snacking for kids
  • Improving body image through healthy attitudes about food, eating and exercise
  • Eating healthy in an office environment

Editorial Contributions

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