"While in my final year of college I wanted to lose weight, but I didn't want to give up the lifestyle that I was accustomed to. I had tried other diets and exercise, but nothing seemed to be working and I had started to become very frustrated. Jodi was able to look at my lifestyle as a whole and helped me make reasonable changes to my diet, without giving up everything that I loved. She showed me what was lacking in my diet, and with my own food preferences helped me to find meal options that would be satisfying to me and help me attain my goal. She also explained ways of making my workouts more beneficial. With her guidance, support, and encouragement I was finally able to lose weight in a healthy way and without compromising my senior year of college."
- Alli

"Thank you for last night!! You were awesome. All of your info was so helpful and informative. I think the women could have listened to you all night!!"
- Risa

"Thank you for everything. After meeting with you, I have a whole new outlook on food and eating!"
- Pamela

"Jodi motivates me to stay healthy and make good choices, but still allows me to enjoy the foods I love. She helped me come up with a plan that works with my lifestyle. Jodi gives great suggestions that are easy and doable."

"I just wanted to say thanks for your session about cholesterol at Bloomberg
yesterday. The information was very helpful (especially the idea that you eat
cholesterol, your body produces it, and there are things that we can do to
reduce it) and you did a fantastic job presenting it! Thank you."
- Jeff

"I wanted to thank you so much for meeting with me. It was so helpful and just what I needed to hear. The salad dressing tip was great as well - I put a little bit of regular dressing on my lunch and it made it ten times more satisfying! Thanks for all the useful tips!"
- R.M.

"I loved the health & nutrition seminar you presented last Friday afternoon. I found myself scrutinizing my food choices over the weekend as a result of your presentation and I predict the trend will continue. Thanks again for a presentation well done."
- Michael

"Jodi presents an attractive and professional appearance that I was proud to present her as the speaker of the group. Her talk was highly informative, concisely presented as requested by me, and full of extremely helpful information. She speaks clearly and dynamically, and held the attention of the group magnificently. She was generous in bringing handouts on our subject for the group. The women in the group all appreciated her talk both in the presentation and the material she presented. Her question and answer section was right to the point, and she didn't miss a beat! I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement."
- Lauren